Ask for the Display!

If you’re hitting the after Christmas clearance (at Lowe’s in particular) to stock-up for next year,there’s a thrifty tip you should know! ASK FOR THE DISPLAY! For starters, everything is marked down 50%. Not to mention, there are lots of “Christmas” decor items that aren’t limited to the Holidays! I found this 6 ft. beauty:


Originally $129, marked down to $65, and the man helping me (who was obviously trying to move out the displays) offered me the display for only $35!!! I have always loved the spiral topiary trees. If you haven’t priced them, they are an easy $200+, so naturally I got excited over this low maintenance little guy! No watering, no trimming, and no fuss! I am planning on taking the lights out, re-potting it, adding some pebbles around the base, and leaving it out year round! $35!!! What a steal!


On that note, you should know that Lowe’s is REALLY good about moving out products. Should you be interested in a clearance item, find a manager and start dealing! This 8×10 rug shag was originally over $200. I was “window shopping” one day, but I got pretty excited when I noticed that it had been marked down to only $130! Price 8×10 rugs, under $100 is almost UN-HEARD-OF! So I was going to pass when the associate (who turned out to be the assistant manager) asked if I’d buy it today for $80! Wow!


Shop smart, ask for a better price, and you won’t be sorry. I promise!!


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