A Smashing Idea for Ideas!

Maybe I’m a little behind on the times, but I have JUST discovered Smash Book! My cousin (and fellow scrapper) Brandy got one of these little clever goodies for Christmas. I can’t wait to start mine! I know you can buy these are Target and Michael’s for $10-$15. So far those are the only places I’ve looked, they may also have them at Hobby Lobby & Wal-Mart too.


The best way I know how to sum it up is: a hard copy of Pinterest, but with your own personal touch. From what I gather, everyone will have their own (and different) “smashing” styles and purposes. For me personally, I plan to “smash” ideas and clippings of things I want to do in the future. Some may use theirs as more of a journal/memory keeper. So The first thing to decide when starting your smash book is, “Am I smashing for the past or the future?” The inside pages are super cute, but my favorite part are the cute and witty folders, tags and prompter’s ($1-3 and you get multiples in a pkg). Check out this video for a quick preview of the inside and some on the available embellishments.

Here’s a little more detail on the embellishments that are available.

Most importantly, the “Smash Pen.” It’s a glue stick on one end and a pen on the other! Each book comes with one and replacements are about $3 bucks!


40pk prompter pads! These cards are sold in themes for the “past” SMASHER that include family memories, love, favorite things, etc. For the “future” SMASHER they have cards like places I want to visit, things I want to make, etc.

Prompter Cards

Prompter Cards

My personal favorites are the “Tags” that say things like “I want, I need, to bake, to buy, love this, etc.



Pockets are also a MUST have! My favorite one  says “So cute I wanna put it in my pocket.” but here are some others:


I love, love, LOVE these fun little witty boogers! Next time you’re in Target, stop by the stationary aisle and check out the ‘Smash Book” section!


Check out this “Smashing” how to: if you already have a smash book, or if you’re dying to see more details:


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