How to Visualize and Improvise w/ Consignment Treasures

I recently had a friend tell me, “I want you to come decorate my house, but less expensive. I can’t afford the kind of stuff you have in your house.” That tickled me a little bit, especially after I looked around and realized that 95% of the stuff in my house came from consignment shops or Ross. If the truth be known, I may have LESS money in my furniture and decor than the average person! How you say?

First of all, my very favorite place to shop is consignments. My next favorite is Ross, then Marshall’s, and MAYBE Garden Ridge, Kirkland’s or Hobby Lobby if I get desperate and can’t find the right thing. I have come to have little patients for the “going rate” or “sticker prices” when I know that my money goes A LOT further and the quality is just as well (or better) at resale shops, especially when it comes to furniture. The trick is, being able to visualize and improvise.

When I shop furniture, I keep the following things in my mind:

1. Knobs can easily be changed to give furniture a whole new look and paint is a magical thing!

This was a cheap particle board dresser w/ oak veneer and brass handles.

This was a cheap particle board dresser w/ oak veneer and brass handles.

2. Scratch cover, a good sanding or a touch up of stain can do wonders on wood

4. Consider where it’s going (you can always hide a blemish w/ decor)


The missing cosmetic piece on the back leg of my entertainment center (that I hide with a plant) was the bargaining point I used to get a great deal on this great piece of furniture!

5. Most dining/accent chairs w/ a single cushion usually unscrew from the bottom & can be recovered w/ fabric & a staple gun






6. Dress up boring chairs & couches w/ pretty pillows & Throws

IMG_1537[1] IMG_1535[1] IMG_1536[1]

When I shop accents, I keep this in mind:

1. If the lamp base is pretty, the right shade can do wonders! I like to add things to a plain shade to give it some extra character!

IMG_1527[1] IMG_1526[1] IMG_1528[1]

2. If it’s not the perfect color or you just want to add another from you color scheme for a custom look: grab an old rag, dab it in acrylic paint, & lightly dust it on.

IMG_1546[1] IMG_1543[1] IMG_1542[1]

3. Character can be added to ANYTHING w/ tassels, beaded garland, greenery, or even gluing on flat accents like broaches or small crosses.


4. Every room needs a little glass or crystal to soften the colors! I love to use candy dishes, candle sticks or anything that shines (I even have glass coasters). That must be what gives the “expensive” look for a low price (of less than $10 bucks) at Ross!


I am not kidding, the Candy jar was $6 at Ross and the coasters were $5.99 for a set of 4!

5. Christmas ornament isles are a great place to shop for accents! The crystals, prisms, crosses, mini frames, etc that are not specifically “christmasy” are one of my favorite things to hang from door knobs, lamps, cabinet pulls, etc. (and they are super cheap!)

IMG_1550[1]      IMG_1534[1]      IMG_1533[1]      IMG_1532[1]

6. Wall art doesn’t have to stand alone! If it’s a little too small for you space, you can always hang accents above it, below it, or on the sides. I like that this gives a more custom look too!

IMG_1521[1]                         IMG_1522[1]

7. For height, build a pedestal out of hard back books!


The other thing I keep in mind when shopping consignments is, anything I currently have can be moved or swapped. Don’t limit yourself to the area you’re shopping for! You may be in the market for a dining room rug… but you find one that’s perfect for the living room. So you swap! Put the new rug in the living area and the old in the dining room!

By the way, this is why I keep my color scheme consistent throughout my house so that it is easy to switch around and change things up! Happy Hunting!


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