More than What Meets the Eye

Several years ago I fell in love w/ my aunt Pam’s “Cross Collage Bathroom.” It is kind of like a modern day spoon collection that won’t ever go out of style! So in 2009, I decided to start a collection of my own. I told many of my friends and family about it and asked that they help me out!


Each time someone gave me a cross I wrote the date, occasion, and who gave it to me w/ a sharpie on the back.


I also started picking them up each time we went on a trip as a souvenir and wrote the dates of the trip, location, and who we were with. I have crosses from Chile, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico and almost all the places either I or a family member has visited since I started collecting.


My husband is also pretty good about giving them to me on special occasions to mark milestones in our marriage like our first Christmas, etc. Speaking of Christmas… many of the smaller crosses are from the ornament isle at Christmas time!


Lastly, I took some pretty cross pendants off necklaces that are colors that I just don’t wear often.


Now I have a beautiful and unique display of crosses in my hallway that not only looks neat, but holds memories and milestones from years past!


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