Dress up the Buffet

The term “Table-scaping” intimidates me a little bit! The word in itself just makes the whole process seem difficult and unattainable, so let me brief you on how simple and ingenious this whole concept really is!


What you Need: 

  • Boxes of all shapes & sizes
  • A nice fabric to drape (I ALWAYS 5-6 yards of black)
  • Kale (by the case)
  • Trays & Bowls
  • Decorative Accents to complement your theme (optional: I like adding candles and mirrors to every display as they add and reflect light and make a warm display)
  1. Stack your boxes to build what I envision to be a “mountain.” What I mean by this is, stack the center to be really tall, and as you stack around it gradually make levels lower and lower
  2. .IMG_0660IMG_0661IMG_0659
  3. Once you have your levels built, add platters, bowls, and accents. At this time decide which things you want to tip on their sides to create a “spill” effect.
  4. At this time I tend to tweak things to get the just right since things tend to change up a bit after adding the platters. Once I’m satisfied,  I take a picture to reference later.
  5. Remove dishes, drape fabric to cover up those ugly boxes, and refer to your pictures to remember what goes where.
  6. Then go through and place kale throughout the display to give a natural and “full” look.
  7. Add food, taking note of colors and textures to balance. (on this particular spread, I used the grapes and strawberries as a base because they are what I had the most of. Then I went back and added the pineapple and melon last to ensure I had plenty to spread throughout.)

*By the way, when using fruit… grapes make what i like to call “bridges” between levels to get that “spilling/cascading” look. If you’re not using fruit, be sure to plan for something that you can use to connect the levels. If all else fails, you can create your bridge using kale.

*Another tip when using fruit is to use some carved melons as bowls & ALWAYS keep your pineapple in tact for your display by cutting the top off and carving out the center. This way you can use it in your display later!

fruit 1 fruit 2 fruit 3


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