Lovin’ Ladder Decor!

I visited my cousin’s home (Jodi & Cody Chandler) and I had to share this totally unique piece! It is 2 old ladders, 2 long boards, all look distressed and FABULOUS w/ their “French Country” decor. No matter what your style is, I think this unique idea could be tweaked to fit in ANY space! They have their in the dining room, but I could see it in an office, living room, kids room, or just about anywhere! Plus, if “distressed” isn’t your thing, you could always finish it with a more clean crisp look OR go for colors to match a kids room! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

IMG_1621[1]                                            IMG_1622[1]

So, after I got home tonight I was inspired by this whole ladder concept! I decided to see how many cool things I could find to do! I think I have a new vision to get me off of my “window kick!” Here are a few that I found interesting:

Bathroom Storage:

                                              Bathroom Bin Storage                                                            Towel Rack

Patio as Planters or Decor:

ladder w fence                     ladder planter                        ladder patio decor

Over Kitchen Table and Islands:

ladder over table ladder light fixture Ladder pots & pans

Hanging on the wall for books, pictures or decorations!

ladder bookshelf

Loving me some ladders right about now!!! Can’t wait to catch one of these little buddies on one of my next scavenger hunts! Thanks Chandler family for sharing the inspiration!


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