Chandelier Makeover

I was in the market for a unique chandelier when we bought our new house, and I found out REAL quick that I couldn’t afford my taste in the size I needed. Instead, I found this old brass fixture in canton for $40 and decided I would attempt to do something with it. Two booths down the trade center I spot FEATHERS, and the vision was born! During this process I learned a lot of new terminology from the world of lighting, like: prism, bobeches, chains, and a lot about the different qualities of glass & crystal (particularly when I started pricing parts).

IMG_1616[1]                        IMG_1617[1]

Supplies I used:

  • Black Spray Paint
  • 1 yard of feathers sewn together (can be found in floral dept. at Hobby Lobby)
  • Drill
  • tiny metal drill bit
  • E6000 All Purpose Craft Glue
  • Crystal prisms (17 medium, 1 Large)
  • 4 yards crystal chain
  • 1 8 ince bobeche

How she started out!

  1. First things first: black spray paint! Yes, I went back & sprayed the white plastic!
  2. paint
  3. After I got it all painted I hot glued strips of the feathers in a circle around each light.
  4. Next I drilled holes on the outside edge of each light post and anywhere I planned to link a chain. (I draped chains from every lamp post AND hung 5 straight down from the center at different levels)
  5. I used E6000 glue (dries clear and works great on metal) to secure the hooks of each crystal into the holes I drilled. This is not necessary, but I took the extra step just to be sure.
  6. Lastly, I detached the chain from the top and slid the crystal bobeche on the top.

One thought on “Chandelier Makeover

  1. Kola says:

    It looks great!! Keep up the good work.

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