Window Wrapping Paper Rack

This is one of the most functional and thrifty projects I’ve ever done! Yet another $10 window, and here’s how I did it!


What you will need:

  • Window
  • Wrapping paper or fabric for backing
  • Spray Adhesive
  • 8-12 cup hooks
  • 4-6  dowel rods (size 7/16x36in)
  • Picture mounting hardware (or just use the lip of the window for hanging)
  1. First clean up the old window (I hosed mine down outside) and brush a fresh coat of paint on.
  2. Measure & cut out fabric/paper to fit each window pane.
  3. Use spray adhesive on the back side of each window pane and place square cut outs face down.
  4. IMG_1628[1]
  5. Screw cup hooks on each side 5-8 inches apart.
  6. IMG_1629[1]
  7. Insert dowels with wrapping paper, and viola!




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