Door Knob Makeover

I know door knobs aren’t usually at the top of your “to buy” list, and frankly you probably don’t even notice the ones you have after about a month of living somewhere… but in essence they REALLY can make a dramatic “fresh & new” impression! I have always been a fan of the curly scroll knobs and OF COURSE those are the most expensive!

When we moved into our new house, almost ALL of the fixtures were brass. When I say ALL I mean (door knobs, faucets, switch & outlet covers, knobs, shower doors, EVERYTHING!). No matter what the cost, when you start counting up all those suckers, you will be shocked at how quickly it can all add up. Oil rubbed bronze door knobs for example: Round – $8, Swirly – $12… and we have 17 doors!! That just WAS NOT going to fit into the budget. So I chose another route: SPRAY PAINT!


These are the brands I used from Lowe’s Home Improvement

Door Knobs

All I did was remove each door knob (and don’t forget the plate that catches the latch), sprayed 1 coat of the paint, let that dry, that sprayed 1 coat of “satin” acrylic sealer. If you buy the glossy sealer, it will turn out really shiny and glassy.

I know you must be wondering how they paint holds up? So far we have had ours painted for 4 months and they are still in perfect condition. I have hung several hangers w/ clothes on the closet door and swung it open for days… and still no scratches! 🙂 I also did my bathtub fixtures, and they have held up through the frequent water and cleaners!


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