My name is Deidre (let help you with that pronunciation – Dee-Drah), I’ve heard it attempted a hundred ways. It always embarrasses me when I have to address someone by name with that questioning tone, “….uhh do you say it ____?” So there you have it, DEIDRE! Nice to met you 🙂

I really could sum this whole thing up in just about one sentence and cover my entire focus: I decorate EVERYTHING, the end! Ok, just kidding, EVERYTHING is quite a large topic! See, I am a girl with way too many hobbies, so deciding on a title was a bit of a challenge. For whatever reason I have a need for order, function, efficiency, organization, and most of all PRETTY! That’s where all these ideas stem from I suppose. When we hear the word “decorate” we automatically think of home decor right? Well consider this, unless it’s ONLY purpose is function or necessity, then it’s decor! This is  how I look at it:  If people are gonna see it, ya might as well make it look GOOD!

Home decor, crafting, scrapbooking, fashion, gardening, and cooking are just a few of my favorite things. Ideas and projects are twice as much fun when you get to share them, so I hope you enjoy following along!

Click the link below to see what I’ve been up to lately!



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